Eskişehir is an authentic Anatolian city placed on both sides of the brook Porsuk. Historically, it has been a home to many civilizations of which origins back to Hitites of 14th centuary B.C. Eskişehir became more important after Osman Bey,the founder of Ottoman Seigniory, had taken over these lands.The city is also functional touristically in present.

The city that had been keeping its cultural and historical heritage hidden until recently has revealed the knowledge visually and artfully by the help of Mayor Prof.Dr.Yılmaz Büyükerşen’s approaches.

Eskişehir is also known as a city of pioneers…The city is the first place where the first instructor course and the first village institution were opened ,the first Turkish Railway Engine Karakurt and the first national car Devrim were manufactured and the first street sweeping vehicle and the first bus wash equipment were manufactured.

Having a young population, colourful social life, theatres,orchestras, festivals and historical places where you feel art and culture, magnificent texture of Porsuk brook, parks, green areas,museums ,Eskişehir is being visited by thousands of national and international visiters each year. As the most remarkable city of Turkey Eskişehir keeps on developing each day.

The Apple Of Eskişehir’s Eye, City Theatres,

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres of which preparations had started in 2000 by the efforts of honourable Mayor Prof.Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, kickoffed as the third funded City Theatre of Turkey in March 27,2001.

City Theatres has never closed its curtains since being founded and has beaten many records of the concerned area by performing 6 days a week in 8 different saloons.The foundation stages at least 4 adult and 2 children’s play per season, plays are performed to a full house with a 99% of occupancy rate, reaching 100.000 spectators in average.

The City Theatres has been toured to many cities like İstanbul,Ankara,İzmir,Adana,Bursa,Denizli and Antalya within the country and to countries like Russia,Greece,Tunusia,Croatia,Denmark and Bulgaria, as a foundation we are also being invited and participate the theatre festivals of İstanbul,Ankara,Adana and Bursa each year. Along with the tours, we have undertaken other duties such as festival observations and seminar participations . Besides performing plays, City Theatres has activities such as social projects, free plays to support foundations and establishments, creative drama courses, theatre courses for young people, play writing contests.

The foundation’s activities of culture and art are not bounded to its plays but it also hosts many opera and ballet companies in Eskişehir. Six opera and ballet companies visit Eskişehir alternately and companies of Japan,South Korea,Russia and France perform the examples of stage arts.

Members of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre,s which is nearly a hundred people considering both the artists and technical staff, fullfill their responsibilities and move on by developing each day and providing new projects.